My name is Attilio Di Filippo and I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding and ceremony photography in Rome and central Italy. I work in all forms of photographic communication, where I love to always seek out the best expression.

I came across the fascinating world of photography at the age of seventeen and it has been my passion ever since. I immediately started photographing my world nonstop, along with everything I came to see in my travels to different parts of the globe, letting myself be influenced by the great masters such as Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry, who also gave me the artistic ideals to work towards.

The landscapes, mountains, colours, lights and shadows of natural environments have always fascinated me, and have always led me to choose the best time of day and learn the right techniques to be able to capture an image with those atmospheres.

Afterwards I devoted my time to ceremony and wedding photography, which I carry out with care and dedication, and which today represents the essential part of my work.

The photographic services I provide at weddings in Rome and Isernia integrate an expression of photography focused on seeking out subjects, situations and new emotions that are intertwined in scenarios outlined by light or represented in shadows.

My style of photographic art is not only nourished by my passion to describe the world through a lens, but also by the underlying techniques: techniques that I have thoroughly studied in the field and by participating in training courses and workshops at a national level, as well as joining industry associations.

I am animated by an incessant aim to improve, I favour experimentation and I draw from various photographic genres. I put my passion and technique at your service to portray your important moments, respecting your tastes and your opinions.

My priorities are to satisfy customers, do an excellent job and become your Rome or Isernia wedding photographer.

fotografo matrimonio roma isernia attilio di filippo